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CLX door anchor

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The best TheraBand door anchor

Specifically designed for use with the revolutionary TheraBand CLX, the new TheraBand CLX Anchor is an essential tool for a standalone exercise or rehabilitation program. Thanks to the bracket and two end straps that hold the CLX anchor in place, a TheraBand CLX of any thickness and length can be attached to almost any fixed object - be it the door frame, a tree or a bed.

The TheraBand CLX anchor can be used as a door anchor or as a loop. This is made possible by the clever Velcro system, which can be closed in two different ways depending on the intended use. With the CLX anchor, the TheraBand CLX becomes the ultimate training tool for rehabilitation and fitness!

  • Door anchor and loop in one
  • Specially designed for use with TheraBand CLX
  • Can be easily and securely attached to any stable object via Velcro
  • Can be used with all available variants of the TheraBand CLX
  • Expands the possibilities for use in therapy and training
Mann trainiert mit einem blauen TheraBand mit Türanker


Door anchors make training with therabands easier. Once hooked in, they hold firmly to the door and allow you to do theraband exercises, especially for your chest and back. However, you should keep a few things in mind:

  • Always use your door anchor against the opening direction of the door
  • Make sure the door is locked before you start
  • Do not use your door anchor on glass doors
  • Please only use suitable fitness bands with your door anchor

If you follow these points, nothing will stand in the way of your Theraband training with door anchor!

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