Hand exerciser XL

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Hand training for big hands

TheraBand hand trainers XL serve to strengthen the hand, fingers, forearm and coordination training.

The XL version of the TheraBand hand trainer is about a third larger and was specially developed for people with limited mobility (e.g. arthritis) and people with large hands who want to use the hand trainer or for strength or coordination training.

With it, the same exercises can be performed as with the standard version, as well as cold and heat therapy.

  • For diverse training of hand and finger joints
  • Material: high quality polyurethane
  • Diameter: 5cm
  • Suitable for cold (fridge/freezer) and heat (microwave/boiling water) applications

colors | Effort in kg for 50% compression:

  • Red | Soft: 1.36 kg
  • Green | Medium: 2.27kg
  • Blue | Fixed: 3.63 kg
  • Black | Very firm: 7.71 kg