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Loop Ø 13 cm

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Color: Yellow

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  • Closed loop band for versatile training options - especially for the legs
  • Small, light and can be used anywhere
  • Dimensions: 7.6 cm x 30.5 cm, Ø 13 cm
  • Material: Latex

Available resistances:

  • Yellow | Light: Therapy and care as well as in rehabilitation after injuries
  • Red | Medium: Therapy and rehabilitation, playful children's training, prevention training
  • Green | Heavy: All-rounder for leisure and sports as well as for advanced rehabilitation and prevention training
  • Blue | Very heavy: Demanding band for leisure and sport


TheraBand Loops are particularly suitable for exercises of the lower extremities, as well as for combined strength and coordination exercises. No winding or additional assists are necessary. Simply put them on and get started.

TheraBand Loops can also be easily slipped into your handbag or trouser pocket. So nothing stands in the way of a little workout in between.

Logo TheraBand Trusted Progression System

Trusted Progression System

Perfect stretching properties. Tested and approved by TheraBand.

"The original TheraBand is ideal for perfectly coordinated strength and endurance training. The color coding helps to find the right resistance level for every fitness level."

Prof. Dr. Klaus Baum, fitness trainer for the national handball team (WM 2007), physiologist, sports scientist

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