Thera-Band massage roller

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style: 30cm | around

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The TheraBand massage rollers are used both for stabilization exercises and to improve mobility. Shortened muscles and tendons are stretched and the range of motion is optimized.

They are just as suitable for regeneration after sport as for a simple self-massage of tense muscles after a long day at work. Available in lengths of 30 or 90 cm, you can easily massage smaller areas such as arms and legs as well as larger muscle groups such as shoulders or back.

With the separately available TheraBand Wraps, the massage rollers are transformed in no time into deep massage tools for self-massage of fascia and deep-lying structures (cannot be combined with the half roller).

  • practical tool for effective self-massage
  • for use on tense and hardened structures all over the body
  • Diameter: 15cm
  • Material: closed cell PE foam