Frequently Asked Questions Theragun

Technical data

What material is the Theragun made of?

The Theragun's housing is made of a high-quality, durable plastic composite. Inside is a powerful, durable Japanese industrial quality motor.

How is the Theragun powered?

The Theragun is powered by high-quality lithium-ion batteries. With the Theragun PRO model, this can be quickly and easily exchanged and charged separately.

How long does the Theragun run on one charge?

The PRO and mini models each have a battery life of 150 minutes, the batteries of the ELITE and PRIME models each last 120 minutes.

How much does the Theragun weigh?

Depending on the model, the Theragun weighs between 1 and 1.3 kg.


What variants is the Theragun available in?

The current fourth generation of the Theragun is available in the variants PRO, ELITE, PRIME and mini. You can see all the differences in the following table:

The current fourth generation of the Theragun is available in the variants PRO, ELITE, PRIME and mini. You can see all the differences in the following table:

scope of delivery

hard case
6 essays
Extra bag for the attachments
2 x lithium-ion batteries

hard case
5 essays
travel pouch
4 essays
travel pouch
1 essay
Essays Dampener, Standard Ball, Wedge, Thumb, Cone, Supersoft Dampener, Standard Ball, Wedge, Thumb, Cone Damper, Standard Ball, Thumb, Cone standard ball
Weight 1.3kg 1 kg 1 kg 1.1kg
(beats per minute)
Freely adjustable (1750 - 2400 spm) Freely adjustable (1750 - 2400 spm) Adjustable in 5 steps via app 3 selectable frequencies (1750, 2100, 2400 bpm)
amplitude 16mm 16mm 16mm 12mm
pressure resistance 27.2kg 18.1kg 13.6kg 9kg
battery life every 150 minutes 120 mins 120 mins 150 mins
Bluetooth Yes Yes Yes No
OLED screen Yes Yes No No
Wireless charging Yes Yes No No
particularities Movable arm, replaceable batteries Fixed arm, permanently installed battery Fixed arm, permanently installed battery Fixed battery

How is the fourth generation of Theragun different from the previous one?

The new fourth generation Theragun devices (Theragun PRO, Theragun ELITE and Theragun PRIME) are now Bluetooth-enabled. They are compatible with your smartphone and smartwatch to give you the ultimate personalized and professional experience. These intelligent therapy tools allow for enhanced speed control and create custom preset programs based on how you use them.

The Theragun mini is the most compact Theragun ever. It is completely mobile, light, handy and has three speeds. It even fits in your sports bag or handbag. All fourth generation devices are now quieter than ever - thanks to our new brushless motor with QuietForce technology.

What is the new QuietForce technology?

The brand new, specially developed brushless motor of the new Theragun generation works without the sliding contacts that are otherwise common in electric motors. This reduces wear and increases the longevity of the device enormously. The motor we developed also uses the innovative QuietForce technology. It ensures the pleasantly quiet operating volume of the new Theraguns without sacrificing the power, speed or performance of the devices.

Do the new attachments fit all fourth generation Theraguns?

Yes, the PRO, ELITE, PRIME and mini models all use the same attachment sizes and are compatible with each other.

Only the outdated Theragun liv uses smaller attachments that are not compatible with the other models.

Do the old G3PRO, G3 and liv attachments also fit the fourth generation models?

The attachments of the old models G3PRO and G3 are compatible with the new models PRO, ELITE, PRIME and mini.

Only the outdated Theragun liv uses smaller attachments that are not compatible with the other models.

Does the Theragun need to be assembled before use?

No. The Theragun can be put into operation immediately after unpacking. Only the battery level should be checked beforehand. Please note the information in the operating instructions.

Is the Theragun adjustable?

With the Theragun PRO model, the arm can be fixed vertically in four different positions. The models ELITE, PRIME and mini cannot be adjusted.

What accessories does the Theragun come with?

Each model comes with different accessories. All models come with a hard case or bag and a power adapter for charging the device.


How do I use the Theragun correctly?

During a treatment, the Theragun is guided over the corresponding parts of the body or muscles with little or no pressure. Depending on the type of massage and treatment of the respective region or the type of therapy used, six different attachments are available.

Is it possible to work with the Theragun without tiring?

Yes, the Theragun, designed according to ergonomic aspects, is physiologically optimally balanced and aims to ensure that the therapist works in a way that is absolutely non-tiring and gentle. There is no pressure or unwanted strain on the forearm, wrist or hands.

Is the Theragun also suitable for the treatment of children?

Yes, an experienced therapist can also successfully treat children with the Theragun. Important: The Theragun is not suitable for self-treatment by children, but belongs in the hands of experienced therapists!

Are there body regions that should not be treated with the Theragun?

Yes, the Theragun should not be used above the fourth cervical vertebra (C4, Adam's apple), on the genitals, on fresh wounds and surgical scars, and in pregnant women on the abdomen and lower back. If pain occurs in the kidney region during treatment, the treatment should be stopped immediately and the patient should consult a doctor.

How long should the treatment last?

Even short treatment sequences with the Theragun can lead to significant pain relief and relaxation of the corresponding body area. How long a treatment with the Theragun should last cannot be answered in general terms and depends on the individual case.

Using the Theragun App

Where can I get the app?

You can find the Theragun app on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Can I use my Theragun without the app?

Yes. Any Theragun model will also work without the app. However, for the best Theragun experience, we recommend using the app.

care and storage

How do I properly care for the Theragun?

If necessary, the Theragun can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild plastic cleaner. The attachments can be washed with soap under running water and cleaned with a suitable disinfectant.

Attention: The Supersoft attachment cannot be disinfected, but it can simply be washed with soap and water and then wrung out and dried.

How do I store the Theragun?

The Theragun should be stored in the storage box or bag at room temperature. Extreme heat, direct sunlight and temperatures that are too low should be avoided, especially with regard to the service life of the lithium-ion batteries.


Is Theragun a medical device?

No, Theragun is not a medical device.

Can the Theragun be taken on flights?

In principle, the Theragun can be carried on flights. Like all devices with lithium-ion batteries, however, it must be carried in hand luggage. In the run-up to a flight, we recommend that you always obtain information from the relevant airline and/or the handling airport as to which regulations must be observed with regard to devices being carried.

How do I properly dispose of the Theragun's battery?

Information on the disposal of batteries and rechargeable batteries can be found here .