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Theragun CareKit

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  • Complete cleaning kit for your Theragun
  • Specially formulated to reduce friction, noise, and preserve the moving parts inside your Theragun.
  • Includes Theragun Cleansing Wipes (100), Theragun Microfiber Cloth (1), QuietForce™ Solution (1)

Effective cleaning for your Theragun

The Theragun CareKit is your reliable choice for getting the best out of your Theragun. Designed for the rigours that you and your device go through together, this kit ensures that your Theragun is always running at peak performance. In this cleaning kit, you'll find gentle but effective alcohol-free cleaning wipes, a quick-drying, reusable microfibre cloth and our exclusive QuietForce™ solution for long-lasting care.

The QuietForce™ solution formula is exclusively formulated to reduce friction and noise while protecting the moving parts of your Theragun. Use the high-quality cleaning cloths and microfibre cloth to care for the surface of your Theragun and keep it as clean and fresh as it was on the first day. Give your Theragun the care it deserves!

How to apply QuietForce™ Solution

  • Gently extend device arm and remove attachment
  • Apply 3-4 drops of QuietForce Solution on metal piston
  • Make sure to cover the entire circumference
  • Turn on device and run for 10-15 seconds
  • Keep metal piston facing up the entire time

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