Thera-Band dispenser

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The original TheraBand in a practical dispenser

The TheraBand dispenser system consists of 30 x 1.50 m original TheraBand exercise bands, which are individually packed in a transparent PE bag. The dispenser box offers professional TheraBand users such as therapists and trainers the opportunity to provide their patients and clients with suitable training after the treatment and to give them home with them - quickly and easily.

What is special about the TheraBand exercise band is the principle of progressive resistance: The more the band is stretched in length, the more strength the user has to expend. In contrast to other exercise bands, this strength build-up is almost linear due to the particularly high-quality material and the excellent workmanship. The resistance that has to be overcome during training in the individual exercises increases very evenly with the TheraBand exercise band and thus ensures optimal training conditions.

  • The original of the traditional brand TheraBand
  • For moderate muscle training on the entire body
  • Almost limitless use in strength and coordination training
  • Length: 30 x 1.50 m
  • Material: 100% natural latex

Available resistors:

  • Yellow | Light: 1.3 kg - therapy and care as well as in rehabilitation after injuries
  • Red | Medium: 1.8 kg - therapy and rehabilitation, playful children's training, prevention training
  • Green | Heavy: 2.3 kg - all-rounder for leisure and sport as well as for advanced rehabilitation and prevention training
  • Blue | Very heavy: 3.2 kg - Demanding tape for leisure and sport
  • Black | Extra heavy: 4.4 kg - strength training