Thera-Band back set

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  • Incl. exercise band with an ideal length of 2.50 m and medium resistance (color: red) - ideal for moderate back training
  • Includes door anchor for easy attachment of the exercise band to a solid door, for example for neck pulls and rowing
  • Incl. Original Assist for additional training options, eg as a handle or as a connecting piece to a hook, eyelet or carabiner
  • Incl. exercise instructions and bag


In contrast to other exercise bands, this strength build-up is almost linear due to the particularly high-quality material and the excellent workmanship.

The resistance that has to be overcome during training in the individual exercises increases very evenly with the TheraBand and thus ensures optimal training conditions.

natural product

Made from 100% natural latex

Social & Regional

Manufactured in cooperation with workshops for people with disabilities

Test winner

Compared to 25 fitness bands


TheraBands are color coded. Each color represents a specific resistance. This is how you can quickly and easily find the right TheraBand for you:

Beige | Very light: 1.1 kg - rehabilitation and reconstruction
Yellow | Light: 1.3 kg - therapy and care as well as in rehabilitation after injuries
Red | Medium: 1.8 kg - therapy and rehabilitation, playful children's training, prevention training
Green | Heavy: 2.3 kg - all-rounder for leisure and sport as well as for advanced rehabilitation and prevention training
Blue | Very heavy: 3.2 kg - Demanding tape for leisure and sport
Black | Extra heavy: 4.4 kg - strength training
silver | Special heavy: 4.6 kg - advanced strength and athletic training
gold | Max. heavy: 6.4 kg - Demanding strength and athletic training for professionals

Any more questions? Take a look at the FAQs.

The original TheraBand is ideal for perfectly coordinated strength and endurance training. The color coding helps to find the right resistance level for every fitness level.

Prof. Dr. Klaus Baum, fitness trainer for the national handball team (WM 2007), physiologist, sports scientist

The TheraBand has become an integral part of my day-to-day work. It has become indispensable for me for functional strengthening.

Andreas Knecht, Ltd. Physiotherapist ZAR GTZ Stuttgart

Thera-Bands in comparison


100% natural latex


100% natural latex

Available variants

2.50m, 5.50m, 45.50m

5.50m, 22.85m, 45m

Pre-cut 1.40m with rigid, flexible or foam handles
Rolled goods: 7.50 m, 30.50 m

Frau dehnt mit beiden Armen ein Theraband.

Which Theraband is the right one?

You can find out which TheraBand is best suited for your training here.

Mann und Frau trainieren jeweils mit einem Theraband.


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