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The sling trainer with the PLUS of elasticity

This sling trainer is incomparable because it is completely unlike any other. This is due to the elastic Lambda bands that only the 4D PRO BUNGEE TRAINER 4.0 has. They either support the movement or multiply the intensity of the workout. Regardless of your fitness level, you will achieve your individual training goals.

Fitness that promotes health

The 4D PRO sling trainer was developed by a doctor who, inspired by his work with professional athletes, realized comprehensive health-promoting claims. The elasticity of the sling trainer promotes soft, elastic movements, adapted to the body weight. As a result, your training is easier on the joints than with rigid sling trainers.

And that's really fun!

Anyone who trains with the elastic 4D PRO sling trainer will find out: sling training is fun! Because the feeling of being carried elastically and being accelerated awakens an intuitive play instinct in everyone. Feathers, seesaws, hops, jumps. The 4D PRO sling trainer guarantees an infectious training experience at every fitness level.

For fitness and therapy

In the fitness area, training becomes fun and FUNction. The elastic 4D PRO sling trainer lets you experience a new body feeling. In therapy, the elastic 4D PRO sling trainer enables professional therapists to return patients to movement more quickly. Soft and comfortable neoprene loops and soft strength curves allow the 4D PRO to be used in every phase of rehabilitation.

Four devices for the price of one

The 4D PRO sling trainer can be transformed into 4 versatile training devices in just a few simple steps. How to get:

  1. the unique dynamic sling trainer with elasticity
  2. a conventional rigid sling trainer
  3. a resistance expander (elastic resistance band)
  4. an elastic dynamic rope rope

Everything in, everything on

You attach the 4D PRO sling trainer to a door frame, a tree, a climbing frame or a ceiling hook, for example. Door anchor, tree loop/extension rope and a ceiling carabiner are included. (We offer a high-quality ceiling hook as an accessory.) The scope of delivery also includes a training brochure and a practical duffel bag for storing and transporting your sling trainer.

Scope of delivery of the 20 pack

  • 20 x 4D PRO bungee trainers
  • 10 x Lambda Bands 4.0 Regular red
  • 10 x Lambda straps 4.0 Soft white
  • 10 x Comfort neoprene loops
  • Free 5 x Bunge Harness

When you buy the 4D PRO set of 20 you save a total of €1086.00