Which Theraband is the right one?

Frau dehnt mit beiden Armen ein Theraband.

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Many know it, everyone likes it: Over the past 40 years, the TheraBand fitness band has developed into a real classic when it comes to functional training and home fitness. No wonder, because the "smallest gym in the world" offers countless exercises for the back, chest, stomach, arms, legs or bottom - especially in the home gym.


What is TheraBand?
What TheraBand strengths are there?
What TheraBand exercises are there?
Conclusion: Which TheraBand is right for me?

What is TheraBand?

What began with some colorful latex bands in 1978 in Akron, Ohio, USA, has developed into the epitome of resistance training and exercise programs to accompany various physical therapies, rehabilitation measures and also generally to increase strength, mobility and flexibility.

The TheraBand exercise band was brought to Germany by Ludwig Artzt in the early 1980s. Since then, the versatile tape has been constantly further developed in terms of material and stretch properties.

However, the functional principle is the same then as it is today: instead of lifting heavy weights, the muscles have to assert themselves against the resistance of the ligament, which arises when stretched. The exercises with the TheraBand exercise band are closer to everyday life, since it is not individual muscles that are trained, but rather the movement itself.

What TheraBand strengths are there?

The TheraBand colors are not chosen at random. Each color represents a different level of strength: from extra light beige to extra heavy gold. From therapeutic use to professional competitive sports, there is something for everyone.

In addition to this patented color coding, the main characteristic of the colorful fitness bands is the principle of progressive resistance. What does that mean? The more the band is stretched in length, the more force you have to use to pull the band. The increase in this resistance is almost linear thanks to the high-quality workmanship. An important feature for optimal training that you will not find in cheap bands.

All TheraBand strengths at a glance

All TheraBands presented below are available in up to eight different resistance levels, from extra light to maximum strength, which are aimed at different groups of people with different needs:

  • Extra Light | Beige: completely untrained people, rehab
  • Easy | Yellow: therapy and care as well as in rehabilitation after injuries
  • Medium | Red: Therapy and rehabilitation, playful children's training, prevention training
  • Strong | Green: all-rounder for leisure and sport as well as advanced rehabilitation and prevention training
  • Extra Strong | Blue: demanding mass sport, strength building
  • Super Strong | Black: Strength training for advanced athletes and athletes
  • Special Strong | Silver: demanding strength training for advanced athletes
  • Maximum Strong | Gold: Strength training for professional athletes and athletes

The choice of the color of the band and the associated band strength depends on the individual training condition. An exercise with the band should be able to be repeated about 15 times. If you are significantly above or below this value, simply grab a stronger or weaker band.

During each exercise session, the conventional exercise band should always be wrapped twice around the hand or foot to prevent slipping. With the band that suits you, you can train your legs, abs, buttocks, back, shoulders and arms in a single full-body workout.

What TheraBand exercises are there?

Exercises with the fitness band are part of functional training. Here you do not train individual muscles, but entire muscle chains. Makes sense, because there are always several muscles involved in every movement in your everyday life. Incidentally, you were able to observe the training principle during the 2006 World Cup with the German national soccer team.

There are exercises with the TheraBand for the whole body. You can use it to train your back, strengthen your abdominal muscles, strengthen your arms or train your legs. The variety of exercises is almost limitless.

>> To the TheraBand exercises

The best fitness bands in comparison

The original TheraBand

The original from the USA is still one of the best fitness bands today. Various lengths and thicknesses ensure maximum versatility. The version with a length of 2.50 m in a weatherproof zip pocket is perfect for at home.

For professional use in athletic training and physiotherapy, all TheraBand colors are also available on rolls of 5.50 m and 45 m.

If you want or have to do without the latex in the band, you can take a look at the latex-free alternatives. This offers the same positive stretching properties as the original, but is only available in lengths of 22.85 m and 45 m and is therefore more interesting for frequent or professional use.

Latex-free and particularly tear-resistant: exercise band PLUS

A latex-free alternative for home use is the exercise band PLUS . It is characterized by particularly high-quality, durable and latex-free material from modern medical technology, which meets the highest standards of quality and handling. The band's novel, finely structured fabric ensures maximum grip, guaranteeing the user a firm, secure hold even during arduous high-performance workouts.

The set includes two resistance levels, which, with a length of 2.50 meters, have countless possible uses and optimal stretching properties. The included loop is used to fix the band and thus provides even more exercise options.

Another PLUS: The band is washable and thus meets the highest hygiene standards.

Training without wrapping: TheraBand CLX

The latest coup from TheraBand is the CLX . This fitness band consists of several loops lined up next to each other, which expand the already pronounced variety of exercises and make winding around hands and feet superfluous during training.

This creates individual grip options and new training options for simple, versatile and progressive resistance training without winding or knotting the band. Hands and feet can simply be put through the loops, several windings of the band for fixation are not necessary.

The CLX is also available in different color coded resistances and in both 2m and 22m lengths. With this latex-free training band you are well equipped for all workouts.

Pleasant: Skin-friendly fabric fitness bands

The Super Band is a fitness band made of latex and textile. This makes it particularly appealing to people who don't like the feel of rubber against their skin - particularly the intermittent tweaking associated with it.

What is so special about this fabric band? The problem with many textile bands during training is that they can only be stretched as far as the fabric covering allows. The natural stretching of the latex is slowed down. With the Super Band, on the other hand, fabric and latex fibers are so cleverly interwoven that almost the stretching properties of a TheraBand made of latex are achieved.

There is also the smaller loop band especially for training small muscle groups on arms and legs. This is a mini band made from the same latex fabric blend with the same stretch properties. Both training bands are available in three color-coded strengths.

Hosed: Tubings

Tubings are tubular resistance bands made from the same material and stretch properties as the original exercise band. As a rule, however, these are used with handles, which makes training for upper body exercises much more comfortable, since windings or similar are superfluous. On the other hand, this limits the variability mainly to exercises for arms, shoulders, etc. Wraps around the feet, for example, are difficult with tubing. However, if you want to focus on exercises for the upper body during your rehabilitation or strength training, TheraBand tubing is a good alternative.

Like the exercise band, TheraBand tubing is available in up to seven resistance levels. For end users, there is the ready-to-use body trainer tubing with a length of 1.40 and permanently installed handles. Depending on personal preference, solid plastic handles, foam or loose loops are available. Lengths of 7.50 m and 30.50 m are also available in rolls for professional use. Here, however, handles, foot straps and the like have to be bought and fixed separately. All available tubings are made of natural latex.

The HRT tubings are suitable for advanced athletic training. They have a textile coating and carabiners on both ends. So you can decide for yourself whether you prefer to train with handles, loops or a shoulder strap.

HRT is available in two lengths, each with three strengths, and is ideal for anyone who generally wants to train with high resistance. Thanks to the water-repellent coat, this resistance band is also perfect for outdoor resistance training.

Conclusion: Which TheraBand is right for me?

Which fitness band is the right one? That depends on personal taste and individual training goals.

If you want the original classic, you can use the original TheraBand. Here you get a classic resistance band made of latex in an optimal training length in a practical zip bag. Perfect for any home workout.

Those who value quality and training comfort are well advised to use the exercise band plus and the textile bands from ARTZT vitality. They enable more versatile applications than a conventional latex band and are also suitable for allergy sufferers.

If you want to do without the windings typical of the band, you can use tubing. Thanks to the many strengths available, the TheraBand body trainer tubing or the CLX will get your money's worth with every fitness level. And for a lot of resistance and maximum variety, you can't go wrong with the HRT.

The following applies to (almost) every fitness band: Anyone can train with it. This applies to amateur athletes, athletes, children, as well as seniors, rehabilitation patients and pregnant women. Thanks to the many strengths available, all training areas are covered. Each variant is absolutely flexible and can be adapted to the individual needs of each person. If you only want to buy a fitness tool, you are guaranteed not to go wrong with this inexpensive all-rounder.

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