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Are you still diapering or are you already training?

From the creators of the "smallest fitness studio in the world": The new latex-free TheraBand CLX continues the success of the popular TheraBand exercise band. It consists of loops lined up next to each other (patented Easy Grip Loop system) that allow easy gripping and fastening of the straps. This creates individual grip options and new training options for simple, versatile and progressive resistance training without complex winding or knotting the band.

The TheraBand CLX fulfills the functions of several training devices in one: exercise band, loops or tubing. Additional handles or door anchors are not absolutely necessary thanks to the clever loop system. CLX is suitable for all training situations from physiotherapy to athletic training and corresponds to the well-known TheraBand exercise band with its colour-coded system.

  • The sensible further development of the original TheraBand exercise band
  • For moderate muscle training on the entire body
  • Easy handling thanks to the patented loop system "Easy Grip Loop"
  • Total length: 22 m (corresponds to approx. 10 CLX straps with 11 loops)
  • Width: approx. 5 cm
  • latex free

Available strengths:

  • Yellow | Light - up to 1.4 kg | Therapy and care as well as in rehabilitation after injuries
  • Red | Medium - Up to 1.7 kg | Therapy and rehabilitation, in playful child training, in prevention training
  • Green | Difficult - Up to 2.1 kg | All-rounder for leisure and sports as well as for advanced rehabilitation and prevention training
  • Blue | Very difficult - Up to 2.6 kg | - Sophisticated tape for leisure and sport
  • Black | Extra heavy - Up to 3.3 kg | Strength training for advanced athletes and athletes
  • silver | super heavy - Up to 4.6 kg | Strength training for professional athletes and athletes

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expert voices

"The CLX band is a revolution: simple winding, no more cutting and infinitely many new and exciting exercise variations. An irreplaceable enrichment for toning, strength training, fascia fitness and stretching."
- Stefanie Rahn, dipl. Dance teacher, Pilates trainer, owner of PilatesLesson

"The original TheraBand is ideal for perfectly coordinated strength and endurance training. The color coding helps to find the right resistance level for every fitness level."

Prof. Dr. Klaus Baum, fitness trainer for the national handball team (WM 2007), physiologist, sports scientist

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