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  • Splash proof
  • Comfortable and best grip with every movement
  • Individually programmable
  • Easy operation via app and buttons
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor training
  • Battery life: up to 4 hours (not replaceable)

Imagine if you could train your brain like a muscle

Yes, that is possible. And with the strobe glasses Senaptec Strobe. She will challenge you because she turns dark and light alternately. This means: You will see nothing but a black area for a few seconds. What does this effect do?

It ensures that you train your brain – like a muscle. Because your brain has less time to process the visual stimuli. With the Senaptec strobe glasses you train the speed of your perception and you will recognize connections faster.

performance through gaps

In sports, especially ball sports, it is important to coordinate your movements precisely. If there are gaps in seeing and recognizing, your brain still has to coordinate the correct sequence of movements correctly - so that you catch the ball correctly or continue playing.

So that you slowly get used to this special training, the Senaptec Strobe offers you different modes. You set this individually for each training session. It is possible to darken just one lens or both. This allows you to intensify your individual training as a ball or team athlete. In the right game, you will be able to notice significant progress in terms of coordination, movement sequences, concentration and the ability to react with regular training sessions with the strobe glasses.

This is what awaits you with Strobe Classic

You have a total of 8 different levels of difficulty at your disposal, with which you can keep improving. You can set the right level easily and in a matter of seconds by pressing a button. You also have the option of controlling and programming the glasses using the free app. The elastic band adapts exactly to your head shape and holds securely.

In total, you have around 4 hours of training time with a fully charged battery. Then you have to charge the strobe glasses for about 1.5 hours using the included USB charging cable. It also comes with a shockproof case to keep it protected at all times.


Strobe Classic Brille Senaptec
Strobe Classic Sale price499,00 €
Strobe Pro Brille Senaptec
Strobe Pro Sale price599,00 €
Strobe Elite Brille Senaptec
Strobe Elite Sale price999,00 €

Ideal for entry level to sports vision training, youth athletic training and group training sessions. Add the Strobes into your skill development work to increase the difficulty, complexity, and intensity so that come Gameday the execution of the skills is perceptively easier and more efficient.

Take your Strobe training to the next level. The Strobe Pro is ideal for intermediate level, High School and collegiate athletes, group sessions and return to play training. The split lens settings restrict the field of vision from below or above which is great for dynamic sports such as baseball, soccer, basketball, etc.

Ideal for elite level, specialty vision training, rehabilitation and return to play training. This advanced version of the Strobe activates each region independently allowing you to customize the occluding patterns desired to train different portions of your vision such as peripheral awareness.

Strobe Patterns




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Strobe Classic, Case, USB charging cable

Strobe Pro, case, charging cable

Strobe Elite, case, charging cable

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