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  • Splash proof
  • Integrated long-life battery
  • Various modes can be easily set
  • Settings visible via OLED display
  • Ideal for individual training
  • Battery life: up to 4 hours (not replaceable)
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor workouts

Professional training for your brain

If Senaptec's strobe goggles are strength training for your brain, the quad strobe goggles from the same company are your elite training. It is the further development and brings your sports unit to an unprecedented level with new functions.

Gaps were yesterday, today it's quadrants

If you don't even know the strobe glasses: They are glasses that act as a training device. With it you train the performance and speed of your brain and your eyes. The lenses of the glasses turn black at certain intervals, so that you can no longer see anything. Thanks to these effects, you will grasp connections and processes more quickly and thus react correctly, even if you cannot see anything for a few seconds.

Your training is now even more effective: The Quad Strobe glasses from Senaptec divide each lens into 4 quadrants. You use the app or the push of a button to set which quadrants should be darkened, whether the quadrants should alternate and, if so, in which order and at what speed.

what does that mean to you?

Your brain needs to focus even more and constantly adjust to new perspectives. This is especially useful for ball sports, because you learn to coordinate movements faster and can catch balls more purposefully. Simply because your brain recognizes the processes faster and thus knows where the ball will fly to you.

What are the advantages of quad strobe?

With the Quad Strobe from Senaptec you improve from training to training. You can adapt the modes ideally to your goals and the current level. You make the setting either via 2 buttons or conveniently via the app. The elastic strap ensures that the strobe glasses are held securely on the head and do not slip down. With the Quad Strobe you get an impact-resistant case and the right USB charging cable for charging the built-in battery.


Strobe Elite Sportartikel Senaptec
Strobe Elite Sale price999,00 €
Strobe Classic Sportartikel Senaptec
Strobe Classic Sale price499,00 €
Strobe Pro Sportartikel Senaptec
Strobe Pro Sale price599,00 €

Ideal for elite level, specialty vision training, rehabilitation and return to play training. This advanced version of the Strobe activates each region independently allowing you to customize the occluding patterns desired to train different portions of your vision such as peripheral awareness.

Ideal for entry level to sports vision training, youth athletic training and group training sessions. Add the Strobes into your skill development work to increase the difficulty, complexity, and intensity so that come Gameday the execution of the skills is perceptively easier and more efficient.

Take your Strobe training to the next level. The Strobe Pro is ideal for intermediate level, High School and collegiate athletes, group sessions and return to play training. The split lens settings restrict the field of vision from below or above which is great for dynamic sports such as baseball, soccer, basketball, etc.

Strobe Patterns




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Strobe Elite, case, charging cable

Strobe Classic, Case, USB charging cable

Strobe Pro, case, charging cable

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