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Strobe training can help with:

  • Concentration - Keeping eyes on the target while performing a task
  • Timing - Accurate and precise response time
  • Visualization - Track objects in your mind's eye
  • Speed ​​- quick and precise execution of a movement
  • Peripheral vision - perception of the environment
  • Balance - ability to keep the body in a stable position

Powered by Split Strobe Technology

Take your strobe training to the next level with the Senaptec Strobe Pro! The Strobe Pro model has 8 built-in strobe patterns and the ability to customize them to your liking. You can now block bottom and/or top vision while other areas flicker. This is ideal for ball handling practice, improving head posture and balance, maintaining balance in motion, and improving situational awareness.

For athletes

Strobe Pro is ideal for middle, high and high school athletes, for group training sessions and for reintegration training. The split lenses restrict the field of vision from below or above, which makes training even more complex. Players of dynamic sports like baseball, basketball, or soccer will benefit from the added challenge and cognitive complexity.

So that the brain feels good

The Strobe Pro is ideal for anyone who wants to benefit from working with multiple visual pathways. The split lenses limit the field of view from above or below. This is ideal for anyone who wants to work on their body control and gait. By restricting part of the field of vision, the body can be induced to change its orientation in a favorable direction.

Senaptec Strobe Training challenges the brain in a unique way by training the body and mind together. By blocking out critical visual information, the brain is forced to process visual information more efficiently. This enhanced visual ability improves coordination, anticipation, and decision-making, resulting in faster reaction times, better focus, and overall better balance.

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