Hand trainers - Which is the right one?

Handtrainer - Welcher ist der richtige?

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Hand training is important. Many people spend many hours at their desks every day. Pain in the fingers, wrists and forearms is often a painful companion. But how do you strengthen the hand muscles? And which exercises help against carpal tunnel syndrome? In this article, we show you 5 hand trainers that you can use to prevent typical complaints, relieve pain, reduce stress and make everyday life easier.


Pain-free hands - Why hand training?
How useful are hand trainers? Is a hand trainer useful?
Training your hands - which hand trainer is the right one?
Hand trainer conclusion: Strengthen your forearm and hand muscles!

Pain-free hands – Why hand training?

If you spend a lot of time in front of the computer with the mouse in your hand , you're probably familiar with occasional pain. And it's not a bad thing now and then. Just shake out and stretch your hand and fingers and you're good to go.

In extreme cases, however, this constant strain can lead to inflammation - the so-called carpal tunnel syndrome . This is where nerves in the wrist tunnel become trapped due to the cramped hand position. Numbness and pain are the result. So: What can you do about carpal tunnel syndrome?

As a preventative measure, you should allow yourself a few valuable minutes of hand training every day, even in the midst of everyday stress. Hand training can help prevent or alleviate injuries and illnesses such as arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, and can also contribute to rehabilitation after injuries or operations .

Regular hand exercise strengthens the muscles, tendons and ligaments in your hands and improves blood circulation. It can also help improve fine motor skills and coordination.

How useful are hand trainers? Is a hand trainer useful?

Hand trainers can be used as training equipment to provide targeted support for your daily hand training. Regardless of whether you want to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, relieve pain, reduce stress or train your finger muscles - a hand trainer is definitely useful. But there are different hand trainers, each with its own focus and special features . We'll show you 5 hand trainers that cover different needs. Here are the 5 hand trainers in comparison .

Training your hands - which hand trainer is the right one?

Perfect for the office: TheraBand hand trainer

The TheraBand hand trainer is a small, malleable ball made of polyurethane - the material is extremely resilient and stable. The plastic also allows the hand trainer to be cooled in the refrigerator for cold or heat therapy or warmed up (microwave/warm water). This hand and finger trainer is available in two sizes - the normal and the XL version - and four or five degrees of hardness from soft to extra hard. You can recognize the degrees of hardness by their different colors.

Thanks to its unique flexibility, the TheraBand hand trainer is ideal for training hand muscles , strengthening finger muscles and strengthening your forearm muscles at the same time. But the Theraband hand trainer is not just a forearm trainer. You can also use it as an anti-stress ball for kneading in your hand - your ideal companion in everyday life.

For targeted strength training: finger trainer with counter

The Gymstick hand trainer specifically trains your grip strength . Some people also call it a "finger dumbbell". The importance of grip strength is often underestimated. This is not only important for strength and competitive athletes, but also in everyday life.

The resistance of the Gymstick hand trainer can be continuously adjusted between 10 - 40 kg, which means it can also be used for demanding strength training . The grip strength trainer is also ideal for athletes who want to train their forearm muscles in particular. The built-in counter makes it easier for you to monitor your own training progress with the finger dumbbells.

For therapy and rehabilitation: TheraBand HandXTrainer

The TheraBand Hand XTrainer is especially designed for extension and flexion exercises. This means that the finger joints can be both bent and stretched during hand training. This hand trainer can help strengthen your fingers and strengthen your hand muscles at the same time.
The hand muscle trainer is made of the same, very durable material as the TheraBand hand trainer (polyurethane), which also allows cold and heat applications. Available in four color-coded degrees of hardness.

Training with the Theraband Hand XTrainer allows you to perform all exercises for the hand, fingers and wrist, for example for tennis elbow. The hand trainer and finger trainer are also ideal for exercises for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Forearm and hand muscle trainer: TheraBand FlexBar

The FlexBar from TheraBand is your ultimate partner for rehabilitation and muscle building in hands, wrists, forearms and shoulders. Whether you are doing carpal tunnel syndrome exercises for rehabilitation after surgery, want to strengthen your hand and forearm muscles or pamper yourself with a relaxing self-massage , the versatile FlexBar is up for anything. Handy, easy to grip and lightweight, it is your faithful companion for fitness at home and on the go.

With its grooved rubber surface, it offers you perfect grip and is easy to clean even with frequent use. The high-quality hand trainer comes in four cool colors and different resistances, so you can find exactly the right one for you.

For in between: Gymstick anti-stress balls

Are you angry, annoyed or stressed ? Take it out on the Gymstick stress balls . The fist-sized balls made of PU foam are easy to squeeze and squash. If necessary, you can also throw them against the nearest wall. The anti-stress balls are light and stable at the same time . The colorful stress relievers come in a pack of three with different resistance levels and are printed with different grimaces.

Hand trainer conclusion: Strengthen your forearm and hand muscles!

If you work a lot with your hands in everyday life, you should take a few minutes every day for some hand or finger training. Desk workers in particular can use a hand trainer to actively build up the muscles in their fingers and thus prevent major problems in the future. Hand training is also recommended for maintaining mobility in the hands and forearms.

The all-rounder for everyday use is the TheraBand hand trainer . Daily kneading can help with painful tension. Targeted training of grip strength can be carried out with the Gymstick hand trainer .

The FlexBar is perfect for building muscle and self-massage. For therapeutic purposes, the TheraBand HandXTrainer is the best choice. And for letting off steam from time to time, nothing beats kneading and squeezing the anti-stress balls .

And which hand trainer do you choose?

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