Half Field Glasses Set

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  • Material: acrylic (glass)
  • Glass diameter: approx. 5.5 cm, total width: 15 cm
  • easy cleaning with soap and water
  • Colors included: Green Blue, blue transparent, red transparent, Red Blue, Red Green, green transparent, Yellow-green, yellow transparent, Red Yellow, Blue yellow, Gray transparent

Note: The half-field goggles should only be used after consultation with the treating doctor, therapist or neuro-trainer.

Glasses for visual training

The half-field glasses have different colored fields that divide the field of vision vertically. In this way, the dominant hemisphere can be specifically relaxed and the weaker one stimulated when the activity of both hemispheres of the brain differs.

The Halbfeld glasses are made of easy-care and robust acrylic and have an elastic textile band that allows them to be worn with almost any head size.

How do the half-field goggles work?

The color information recorded by our eyes reaches the right and left hemispheres of the brain and is processed there. The eyes direct the information from the respective external field of vision to the opposite hemisphere and from the nasal field of vision to the equilateral hemisphere. People who, due to injuries, illnesses, etc., have different levels of activity in the two halves of the brain can benefit from this therapy method.

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