Frau sitzt im Schneidersitz auf dem Boden und zieht mit beiden Händen ein TheraBand auseinander.

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Bodytrainer Tubing (Schaumstoffgriffe) Fitnessband TheraBand Gelb  Bodytrainer Tubing (Schaumstoffgriffe) Fitnessband TheraBand
High Resistance Band Fitnessband TheraBand Grün  High Resistance Band Fitnessband TheraBand Violett
High Resistance Band Sale priceFrom 19,95 €
FlexBar Handtrainer TheraBand Gelb  FlexBar Handtrainer TheraBand
FlexBar Sale priceFrom 17,95 €
Gewichtsmanschetten Gewicht TheraBand   Gewichtsmanschetten Gewicht TheraBand
Weight Cuffs Sale priceFrom 24,95 €
Kinesiology Tape 5 m Kinesiologisches Tape TheraBand Schwarz-weiß  Kinesiology Tape 5 m Kinesiologisches Tape TheraBand Natur
Kinesiology Tape 5m Sale price15,95 €
TheraBand Pilates Set Fitnessband TheraBand   TheraBand Pilates Set Fitnessband TheraBand
TheraBand Pilates Set Sale price24,95 €
Loop Ø 20 cm Fitnessband TheraBand Gelb  Loop Ø 20 cm Fitnessband TheraBand
Loop Ø 20 cm Sale price9,95 €
On sale
Gymnastikball Gymnastikball TheraBand 45 cm  Gymnastikball Gymnastikball TheraBand
Exercise Ball Sale priceFrom 14,20 € Regular price24,95 €
Fußroller Faszienrolle TheraBand   Fußroller Faszienrolle TheraBand
Foot Roller Sale price12,95 €
Hand XTrainer Handtrainer TheraBand Rot  Hand XTrainer Handtrainer TheraBand
Hand XTrainer Sale price18,95 €
Griffe (2 Stück) Zubehör TheraBand   Griffe (2 Stück) Zubehör TheraBand
handles (2 pieces) Sale price10,95 €
Loop Ø 13 cm Fitnessband TheraBand Gelb  Loop Ø 13 cm Fitnessband TheraBand
Loop Ø 13 cm Sale price7,95 €
TheraBand products are ideal for perfectly coordinated strength and endurance training. The color coding helps to find the right resistance level for every fitness level from beginners to top athletes.

Prof. Dr. Klaus Baum, fitness trainer for the national handball team (WM 2007), physiologist, sports scientist

Mann und Frau trainieren jeweils mit einem Theraband.


The best exercises for your back, neck, abs, legs and buttocks. Quickly explained. Easy to replicate at home.



The global brand for fitness and physiotherapy

TheraBand has always been a synonym for the world-famous fitness band. The professional resistance bands were the first to offer the progressive resistance system. The original resistance band offers you a unique training experience that cannot be achieved with cheap rubber bands.

The range now also includes tubing, loops, latex-free bands and exercise balls, FlexBars, hand trainers, water aerobics equipment and numerous other solutions that round off the progressive exercise system.

TheraBand products support mobility through increasing exercise levels. The entire product offering is built on the commitment to professional quality, effectiveness and durability that was the foundation of the original TheraBand exercise bands nearly 40 years ago.

Scientifically proven training success

The TheraBand Academy, which disseminates and promotes research results and training initiatives worldwide, proves that TheraBand products have clinical applications. The TheraBand Academy was founded in 1999 by Dr. Phil Page and provides the largest database of information on Thera-Bands and other Thera-Band products.

Visit for resources, articles, protocols, and outcome reports to support your evidence-based practice. The TheraBand Academy is a unique information resource that gives healthcare professionals and consumers access to a growing body of knowledge, including free exercise information, research, and training.

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