BOSU Sixpack Workout - 8 exercises for your abs

Frau trainiert im Stütz auf einem Bosuball.

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The BOSU ball has been one of the most popular training devices for years. No wonder, since it is much more than a simple balance trainer. He is an abdominal trainer, intensifies his push-ups and puts your balance to the test.

In this exercise series, personal trainer Arne Derricks shows you the 8 best abdominal exercises for a sexy six-pack.


What is BOSU?
What do BOSU exercises bring me?
The 8 best BOSU exercises for your abs

What is BOSU?

The BOSU is a versatile exercise machine with a flat, solid bottom and a curved, inflatable top. The whole thing basically looks like half a ball and can be used from both sides. Maximum versatility, maximum efficiency!

What do BOSU exercises bring me?

BOSU exercises primarily require deep-seated muscles that are important for your stability and coordination. Above all, balance and abdominal exercises can be excellently trained with the Bosuball.

A trained abdominal musculature ensures a straight posture and relieves your back. Every back workout therefore also includes an additional abdominal workout.

The 8 best BOSU exercises for your abs

Exercise 1: Classic Crunches

Start with the classic crunches. The advantage of the BOSU here: its unstable surface supports movement.

Starting position: Sit quite far down, just above the edge of the BOSU. Arms crossed at shoulders. Now lie backwards on the BOSU, which supports the lumbar spine. Start with the crunches, exhale as you come up.

If necessary, place your hands on your temples (not under your neck!). 20 repetitions.

Exercise 2: body scales

Raise your legs at a right angle, stretch your arms backwards. Both arms and one leg are now raised alternately.

If you have problems with your neck muscles, you can put your hands on the BOSU for an easier version. 10 repetitions per side.

Exercise 3: plank

Classic full-body exercise with a focus on the core of the body. Elbow plank centered on the BOSU. stretch legs. hold for 30 seconds. Level 2: Raise legs alternately. Level 3: alternately pull your legs sideways towards your shoulders.

Exercise 4: Side Kicks

Sit with your right buttocks centered on the BOSU. The right hand rests on the floor, the left hand behind the buttocks. Lift and bend legs. Then both legs are stretched, the upper body remains completely stable. Progression: Raise your back hand off the ground.

Easier variant: Keep the lower leg bent and only stretch out the upper leg. 20 repetitions per side.

Exercise 5: Bobsledder

First grab the BOSU by the two handles and turn it over. Position in a push-up position on the smooth side of the BOSU Balance Trainer, place your hands as far out on the edge under the shoulder joints as possible. Now lean alternately to the left and to the right.

Depending on the side, the left or right side of the stomach is used more. 20 reps total.

Exercise 6: V sit

Sit in the middle of the flat side of the BOSU. Raise arms and legs. hold for 15 seconds. Increase: Increase your side by 5 seconds with each workout.

Exercise 7: Side Abs

Turn the BOSU Balance Trainer over so the flat side is on the floor. Lay it on the side with the pelvis in the middle of the bladder. Put your elbows on the floor, your upper hand fixed on the BOSU. Then stretch out both legs and lift them up to the side.

20 repetitions per side. Level 2: extend the upper arm forward. Level 3: Alternately stretch your legs forwards and backwards like scissors.

Exercise 8: Sit Down & Stand Up

Sit on the edge of the BOSU. Lean back, center your back on the bladder, stretch your arms behind you. Now stretch your arms forward, lift your upper body and finally stand up completely. 10 repetitions.


If you want to strengthen your stomach in a versatile and effective way, the BOSU is the right training device for you. It can be used from both sides and allows you to do complete workouts for abs, legs, upper body and stability. Be sure to try it!

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