Frau stützt sich mit beiden Händen auf einem ARTZT Vintage Series Ledermedizinball ab und zieht das rechte Bein nach vorne.



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Flossband Flossband ARTZT thepro 2 m  Flossband Flossband ARTZT thepro
ARTZT thepro
Flossing Band Sale priceFrom 21,95 € (10,98 €/m)
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Flossband schmal Flossband ARTZT thepro   Flossband schmal Flossband ARTZT thepro
ARTZT thepro
Flossing Band Slim Sale price7,95 €(6,63 €/m)

Fitness equipment for your health

With us you will find the best fitness equipment for your daily fitness training. Choose your fitness device from ARTZT vitality , TheraBand , BOSU , BLACKROLL , THERAGUN and much more. We value quality and efficiency proven by sports science. Start your training today!

quality sports & health equipment

We at ARTZT want to help you achieve your goals. Do you want to build strength, combat back pain or just keep moving? But you don't have space for large devices? Then take a look at our versatile range of thera bands . Here you are guaranteed to find the right fitness band for you in the length and strength that suits you.

TIP: Take a look at our TheraBand exercises and find out how you can best train your back, neck, stomach, legs, etc.

Find the right foam roller of your choice and relax after a sweaty workout. Do you love home fitness ? We also have the right gymnastics mat for you.

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Would you like to train your eyes, optimize your breathing or simply train your balance and coordination? Then neuroathletics training is right for you. You can find everything about it in our own brand ARTZT neuro .

Are you into fitness training - but with the right style? You will definitely like the vintage fitness equipment made of real leather and wood from the ARTZT Vintage Series .

Are you working in therapy and looking for professional instruments that are gentle on your hands and give you the best treatment every day? Then take a look at the high-quality therapy devices from ARTZT thepro .

Every order over €49 will be delivered free of charge within Germany. And if you don't like something, you have 100 days to return your order to us free of charge.

Exclusive fitness knowledge in ARTZT magazine

In ARTZT Magazine you will find useful product comparisons, workout knowledge articles and much more. Start your TheraBand back training , learn everything about massage guns in the Theragun comparison or find the perfect Bosuball for you. Look in here!

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