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LAUFMAUS - your handle to more endurance

The LAUFMAUS makes jogging an experience! It makes it easier for you to improve your running technique and makes running more economical. This way you can reduce stress during your running training. With the two handles made of ultra-light special plastic, your whole body is noticeably straightened while running and the position of your entire upper body from head to shoulders to spine is optimized so that you can run healthier, more efficiently, more relaxed and longer.

The LAUFMAUS is a help for everyone who walks, runs or wants to train their performance.

The best of science and medicine

The LAUFMAUS contains knowledge from medicine, neurology, sports science, brain and evolution research as well as the knowledge that the position of your hands has an important influence on your posture and your performance when running. It contains interdisciplinary science from evolutionary research, medicine, brain research, behavioral research and traditional Chinese medicine .

How does the LAUFMAUS work?

The small tool triggers exactly on those zones of the hand that are connected to the unconscious nervous system. The signals are transmitted via the arms to the brain.

The posture of the human body depends on its center of gravity. Because only the correct position of the shoulder-arm complex ensures stretching and stability. But what do the hands have to do with it?

Quite simply: the special construction of the running handles initiates the righting reflexes in the brain that are necessary to trigger this stretched body position with the smallest of stimuli and signals from the hands.

The LAUFMAUS puts the hands in a very special position: the thumb points upwards, the index finger is stretched and the palm of the hand is turned slightly outwards. This straightens and stabilizes the upper body. Body tension, body control and body control improve visibly and noticeably.

What size do I need?

You can easily find out for yourself whether you need the LAUFMAUS in S or L: Use a ruler or tape measure to measure the distance from the end of your index finger to the end of the middle of your palm.
≤ 16cm - SMALL
> 16cm - LARGE

What do I get from training with the LAUFMAUS?

  • Optimizing posture in runners
  • Improvement of the rolling behavior of the feet
  • Reduction of joint loads
  • Increase in running efficiency and thus performance

Technical data:

  • Material: SMAA Resirene CET 250 special plastic from medical technology
  • 100% recyclable
  • Scope of delivery: 1 pair of LAUFMAUS with finger loop, wrist strap (various colours), booklet incl. description, transport bag
  • Available in SMALL (15 x 5.5 x 4 cm, 5.6 g) and LARGE (17 x 6 x 5 cm, 7.6 g) sizes

All benefits at a glance:

  • Optimize your posture and your running technique with a simple movement
  • Improve body tone, control and control
  • Ergonomically shaped and ultra light
  • Breathable surface prevents sweaty hands while running

From the idea to the running innovation

"This is what the LAUFMAUS has become: a handle element that I carry in both hands and improve my upper body structure, my neck posture and my inner posture through sensory and mechanical stimuli. I was able to move more easily again, my function of all organs became more fluid, and as functionality improves, behavior change is also felt." - dr medical Horst student

There is always a clever mind behind innovative products. In the case of LAUFMAUS there is also a very personal, tragic life event. The general practitioner Dr. Horst Schüler suffered a serious car accident. The result was a severe cervical spine injury with spinal cord damage. Walking was slow, running became impossible.

But then found Dr. Students found out that holding the arms in a certain way led to a relaxation of the entire upper body. He then formed a handle out of modeling clay in order to "have the feeling of holding something in this special position". The LAUFMAUS prototype was born.

The lone fighter has now grown into a whole development team consisting of physicians, sports scientists, engineers and product specialists. Everyone was so enthusiastic about the idea that, over the course of more than five years of development, Schüler's modeling clay prototype underwent a metamorphosis similar to that of the once paralyzed doctor himself.